Normal Device Coordinate with Different System

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NDC [Normal Device Coordinate] 标准化设备坐标

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pytorch 3d right hand left hand, clockwise pytorch3d doc
unity left hand left hand, clockwise aclockworkberry
OpenGL right hand   OpenGL doc
  • 坐标系手性
    • 右手握住z,4指从x到y,拇指方向为正,则为右手坐标系
    • 反之为左手坐标系
    • 欧拉角,在对应的手性坐标系中,握住旋转轴,若与拇指同向,则转角为正,否则为负
  • camera
    • pytorch
      • RT参数使物体旋转,相机不动
      • CONVENTIONS We adopt a right-hand coordinate system, meaning that rotation about an axis with a positive angle results in a counter clockwise rotation.

      • 旋转方向顺时针为正,拇指为轴方向,四指为旋转方向,left hand
    • unity
      • RT参数使相机变换,物体不动
      • 旋转方向顺时针为正,拇指为轴方向,四指为旋转方向,left hand
  • 3dmax, unity, unreal
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  • pytorch3d
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