Texture for dog project

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Original Texture



  • Some sureface mesh too small be ignored.


  • Make mesh to Equilateral triangle
  • 3DScan
    • 20210908163552
  • Texture after remeshing
    • 20210908171531
  • Texture after remeshing with invert
    • matrix[0:3, 0:3] = np.linalg.inv(matrix[0:3, 0:3])
    • 20210908190838
    • 相机不动物体动时,相机朝向需要取逆

Easy 3D

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  F1:                  Help
  F2:                  Toggle animation (if available)
  Ctrl + 'o':          Open file
  Ctrl + 's':          Save file
  Fn + Delete:         Delete current model
  '<' or '>':          Switch between models
  's':                 Snapshot
  'p':                 Toggle perspective/orthographic projection)
  'a':                 Toggle axes
  Ctrl + 'f':          Toggle frame rate
  Left drag:           Rotate the camera
  Right drag:          Move the camera
  'x' + Left drag:     Rotate the camera around horizontal axis
  'x' + Right drag:    Move the camera along horizontal axis
  'y' + Left drag:     Rotate the camera around vertical axis
  'y' + Right drag:    Move the camera along vertical axis
  'o' + Left drag:     Rotate the camera around ortho-screen axis
  Middle or Wheel:     Zoom in/out
  Ctrl + '+'/'-':      Zoom in/out
  Left/Right           Turn camera left/right
  Ctrl + Left/Right:   Move camera left/right
  Up/Down:             Move camera forward/backward
  Ctrl + Up/Down:      Move camera up/down
  Ctrl + 'c':          Copy current view status to clipboard
  Ctrl + 'v':          Restore view status from clipboard
  Alt + 'k':           Add key frame to the camera path
  Alt + 'd':           Delete the camera path
  Ctrl + 'k':          Play the camera path
  Ctrl + 't':          Toggle camera path
  'f':                 Fit screen (all models)
  'c':                 Fit screen (current model only)
  'z' + Left click:    Zoom to target point on model
  'z' + Right click:   Zoom o fit screen
  Shift + Left click:  Define a target point on model
  Shift + Right click: Undefine the target point (if any) on model
  Ctrl + Left drag:    Zoom to fit region
  '-'/'=':             Decrease/Increase point size
  '{'/'}':             Decrease/Increase line width
  'b':                 Toggle borders
  'e':                 Toggle edges
  'v':                 Toggle vertices
  'm':                 Toggle smooth shading (for SurfaceMesh)
  'd':                 Print model info (drawables, properties)

Mapple Remesh


Make Builder under linux

Install Nvidia dirver

    http: http://user:pass@corp.com:8080
    https: https://user:pass@corp.com:8080