Try To Start Up Pinocchio

1 minute read

Install Visual Studio 2019

Cmake generate x64 and x32 for Fltk

  • Target at
  • \Path\to\fltk-1.3.7\build-2019-32
  • \Path\to\fltk-1.3.7\build-2019-64

The Whole Configuration for Pinocchio



  • For AttachWeights, DemoUI,Pinocchio,PinocchioStatic
    • Set Property>C/C++>Preprocessor>Preprocessor Definitions


  • Set Property>VC++ Directories>Library Directories
  • Append
    • \Path\to\fltk-1.3.7\build-2019-32\lib\Debug; Fltk lib dir
    • Download at
      • Choose a version, For me, v1.3.7 is ok[Now is 2021/08/02]
    • \Path\to\glfw-3.3.4.bin.WIN32\lib-vc2019; glfw
    • \Path\to\glew-2.1.0.win32\lib\Release\Win32; glew


  • Set Property>C/C++>General>Addtional Include Directories
    • Append \Path\to\fltk-1.3.7
    • Append \Path\to\glew-2.1.0.win32\include
    • Append \Path\to\glfw-3.3.4.bin.WIN32\include


  • Set Property>Linker>input>Addtional Dependencies
  • Append
fltkd.lib           # d for Debug, fltk.lib for Release
fltk_zd.lib         # fltk
fltk_gld.lib        # fltk
fltk_jpegd.lib      # fltk
fltk_imagesd.lib    # fltk
glfw3.lib           # glfw
glew32s.lib         # glew

Set All Properties Above with Project Property Sheet

Follow this create-user-defined-environment-variables-macros

  1. Open Tool>Other Windows>Property Manager
  2. Select a Project
  3. Add New Project Property Sheet
    1. Choose Project Root Path
  4. Select other project
  5. Add Existing Porperty Sheet
  6. Double click Property Sheet
  7. Add all lib, include, linker.input, Preprocessor, above talk about
  8. Your project will inherit it like 20210802174054
  9. And make sure the check box Inherit from parent or project defaults has been choosen.

Run Pinocchio

  • Under ./Debug you’ll see DemoUI.exe after Building
  • Type run, The usage will display
Usage: DemoUI filename.{obj | ply | off | gts | stl}
              [-skel skelname] [-rot x y z deg]* [-scale s]
              [-meshonly | -mo] [-circlesonly | -co]
              [-motion motionname] [-nofit]
  • But we don’t have any obj file under data dir as the github say
  • I have found another repo is stnoh/Pinocchio
  • Move DemoUI\data\test.obj into oringinal project and run with command below
.\DemoUI.exe ..\DemoUI\data\test.obj -motion ..\DemoUI\data\walkAndSkip.txt