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  • feature_extractor 特征提取
  • matcher
    • exhaustive_matcher 特征匹配
    • vocab_tree_matcher
    • sequential_matcher
    • spatial_matcher
    • transitive_matcher
    • matches_importer
  • mapper
    • Sparse 3D reconstruction / mapping of the dataset using SfM after performing feature extraction and matching
  • model_converter
    • Convert the COLMAP export format to another format, such as PLY or NVM

SFM[Structure from Motion]

MVS[Multi View Stereo]

  • cdcseacave/openMVS - github
  • InterfaceVisualSFM 稠密稀疏化
  • DensifyPointCloud 稠密重建
  • ReconstructMesh 重建mesh
  • RefineMesh 网格优化
  • TextureMesh 文理贴图


::These parameters are specific to computer

::Store current Directory:
set currDir=%CD%

::get folder name as variable
SET "MYDIR=%~p0"
set MYDIR1=%MYDIR:~0,-1%
for %%f in (%MYDIR1%) do set myfolder=%%~nxf

set root="\path\to\3DReconstruction_release"
:: Set SFM directory
set colDir=%root%\software\SFM

:: Set MVS directory
set oMVS=%root%\software\MVS

:: Set Working Directory
set workDir=%root%\temp-workspace\%myfolder%\

:: Set System env path
set path=%colDir%\lib\;%oMVS%;%path%

mkdir %workDir% 
copy *.jpg %workDir%\ 
cd /d %workDir%

%colDir%\bin\feature_extractor --database_path database.db --image_path .
%colDir%\bin\exhaustive_matcher --database_path database.db
::%colDir%\exhaustive_matcher --database_path database.db --SiftMatching.max_num_matches 10000
mkdir sparse
%colDir%\bin\mapper --database_path %workDir%\database.db --image_path . --export_path %workDir%\sparse
%colDir%\bin\model_converter --input_path sparse\0 --output_path model.nvm --output_type NVM
%oMVS%\InterfaceVisualSFM.exe model.nvm
%oMVS%\DensifyPointCloud.exe model.mvs
%oMVS%\ReconstructMesh.exe model_dense.mvs
::%oMVS%\TextureMesh.exe --export-type obj -o %myfolder%.obj model_dense_mesh.mvs
%oMVS%\RefineMesh.exe --resolution-level 1 model_dense_mesh.mvs
::%oMVS%\RefineMesh.exe --resolution-level 3 model_dense_mesh.mvs
%oMVS%\TextureMesh.exe --export-type obj -o %myfolder%.obj model_dense_mesh_refine.mvs

mkdir %currDir%\model\
copy *.obj %currDir%\model\
copy *.mtl %currDir%\model\
copy *Kd.jpg %currDir%\model\

::cd %currDir%

::If you want to automate removal of the working folder, use the following line.
::Don't use it if you want to keep intermediate steps.
::rmdir /S /Q %workDir%





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